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Suited to satisfy all skin pampering needs, with a thorough cleanse and extraction of impurities by our therapists, topping it off with a soothing mask and ampoule to hydrate and brighten the skin. 

FACIALS - Revival

Suited for dull and acne-prone skin. Special chemical solution is applied to the skin. After this treatment, the skin will turn pink or experience mild peeling. This treatment can brighten skin tone, improve skin texture like acne scars, reduce fine wrinkles and revive photoaged skin.

FACIALS - Rejuvenate

Using specialized microdermabrasion tools, the skin is given an intense exfoliation. Experience a smoother, brighter and well rejuvenated skin after this facial.

FACIALS - Radiance

Beneficial for oily skin, dull skin and skin with enlarged pores and blackheads. A layer of liquid carbon is applied and laser is passed over the area where the carbon is blasted away, revealing a radiant skin with less oil congestion and reduced pore size. 

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